After listening to Cameron Diaz’s interview, we don’t want to wash our faces ever again

Cameron Diaz is an American entrepreneur, producer, author, retired actress and model. The recipient of several accolades, including nominations for four Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA Award and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she was named the highest-paid Hollywood actress over 40 in 2013.As of 2018, the U.S. domestic box office grosses of Diaz’s films total over $3 billion US, with worldwide grosses surpassing US$7 billion, making her the fifth highest-grossing U.S. domestic box office actress.

Even though she hasn’t been in films or on TV for years, you know exactly who she is and basically half her IMDb page off by heart.

The 49-year-old author recently opened up about leaving the film industry in an interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage on her Rule Breakers podcast. During the conversation Cameron said that part of the decision to leave the industry came because she was suffering from “all of the societal objectification and exploitations that women are subjected to.”

She added that is became “hard not to look at yourself and judge yourself against other markers of beauty.”

Instead, she says she had embraced living a very different lifestyle and has found one very specific way of shunning Hollywood and all of its pressures.

“The last eight years, girl – I’m like wild. I’m like a wild animal, like a beast! … I literally do nothing. I like never wash my face… Twice a month if I’m lucky, I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I better put this on. One time works, right?’ Like is that all I have to do? I’m just not in that place right now like where I put any energy.”

She explained how damaging she had found her previous attitude towards beauty norms, “You just start to pick yourself apart, you know. And you’re like, ‘Why I am sitting here like being so mean to myself?’ My body’s strong, my body’s capable. Why am I going to talk down to it? Why am I going to be mean to it when it’s like carried me this far?” she explained… [These days] I don’t care. Literally, the last thing I think about on a daily basis – like maybe not at all during the day – is what I look like.”

And all of a sudden we don’t want to wash our faces ever again.

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