The Real Housewives of New York City will be “rebooted” with a new cast!

he Bravo multiverse is aghast and titillated over the news that The Real Housewives of New York City will be “rebooted” with a new cast! But what’s really got pulses racing is a little bit of herstory repeating.

According to the interview, Cohen and Bravo plan to recast the mothership series with an entirely new group of friends — meaning when the show returns, it won’t be with the women we last saw in 2021. “I think this represents a tremendous opportunity for a rebirth of the show,” Cohen told Variety. “What we’re looking for is everything that makes a great Housewife: fun, opinionated, successful, aspirational women who represent a side of New York that we want to see more of.”

But who are the most beloved? And more importantly, who deserves to actually come back into the fold? Housewives head honcho Andy Cohen, naturally, isn’t naming names quite yet. “I feel like we want to get the cast right,” Cohen told Variety. “We just want to get it right. So that’s the focus right now. I don’t want to back into a production date. Because I want this to succeed; it’s too important to too many people.”

“I could talk to you about hypothetical situations involving a lot of people that used to be on the show,” he added. “I think the good news is, that’s a group that’s all still in each other’s lives.”

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