Gillian Anderson Receives the Variety Icon Award

To ground everything, she wore a pair of gold slouchy pointed-toe boots. The shoes had metallic uppers and included a heel height of approximately three inches for a streamlined appearance.

When it comes to Sweeney’s clothing tastes, she tends to fancy edgy and stylish silhouettes that align with her flirty and girly aesthetic. For example, she recently wore a multicolored floral ruffled bikini while vacationing in Hawaii. And she also wore a gray floral appliqué dress that was sleeveless and came down to her calves paired with black pointy pumps at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

“I Googled what ‘icon’ actually meant to see how I identified with being given this award,” she said hesitantly, beginning her speech.

“What I can certainly say is that I have played a lot of iconic women in my very long career. Women who have come through barriers and decades to stand above the rest in dramas and in our hearts,” Anderson said.

And she listed just a few:: Dana Scully, Miss Havisham, Margo Channing, Blanche DuBois, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Margaret Thatcher, Eleanor Roosevelt and David Bowie.

“I’m very honoured,” she said, concluding – when others would argue that she’d shown consistently impeccable taste playing exceptional women – and men – who were, in many ways, decades before their time.

Anderson’s speech was interrupted by spontaneous applause from the audience, particularly from younger parts of the auditorium for Showtime’s upcoming “The First Lady.”

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